BKB Hevea Limited 5 Year Commercial Warranty

All Commercial Limited Warranties only apply to BKB commercial flooring purchased after April 1, 2011

BKB Hevea Commercial Flooring is covered by a 25 year limited structural and 5 year limited finish warranty for all approved commercial uses. Warranty coverage may be denied due to not strictly following all installation and maintenance instructions. READ AND FOLLOW ALL INSTALLATION AND MAINTENANCE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY. The 5 year limited warranty applies only to BKBs 9/16 thick flooring with commercial finish. Warranty is nontransferrable, and is intended only for the original purchaser and the original installation. All warranties expire immediately upon sale, transfer, or relocation of the installed product or installation location.

Approved Commercial Uses
BKB Commercial Flooring may be used in retail locations, public and private businesses, educational and religious buildings. Areas subject to cleats, tap dancing, golf spikes, or any similar footwear are not suitable for BKB Commercial Flooring. All areas must be environmentally controlled prior to, during, and continually after installation.

Visual Appearance Warranty
BKB Hevea will replace any flooring plank which has a visual defect prior to installation, up to a period of six months from original purchase. Installation of any boards indicates acceptance of appearance. Natural characteristics of flooring are not considered defects.

Finish Warranty
BKB Hevea warrants that its commercial finish will not peel or wear through to bare wood for a period of 5 years after the date of original purchase. Gloss reduction is not considered wear through. Wear through must cover at least ten percent of the surface area of the installed floor. If this wear through occurs, BKB Hevea will, at our option, repair or replace the effected flooring one time. See all exclusions and limitations of this warranty listed below.

Refinishing Warranty
BKB Hevea warrants that its 9/16, 3.5 mm wear layer commercial flooring can be professionally refinished at least two times if proper refinishing procedures are followed as per The National Wood Flooring Association. See www.BKBflooringUSA.com/NWFAguidelines

Structural Warranty
BKB Hevea warrants that its products are free from manufacturing defects. Manufacturing defects shall be defined as delamination, milling and assembly. When used under normal commercial applications (as listed above), our commercial flooring will not buckle, warp, twist, or delaminate at the plies for a period of 25 years. See all exclusions and limitations of this warranty below.

Installation Instructions
Strictly follow Installation Instructions provided by BKB Hevea: www.BKBflooringUSA.com/installationinstructions as well as all guidelines specified by the National Wood Flooring Association. This includes: General Guidelines, Subfloor Guidelines and Specifications, Installation Guidelines and Methods, and Appendices. These can be found at www.BKBflooringUSA.com/NWFAguidelines . Failure to follow all guidelines and document all testing, such as moisture testing, and any others, voids the warranty.


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