How To Clean Hardwood Flooring

Your hardwood floor is installed. Your house finally feels like a home. But now what? How do you care for your new investment? Read on. Need floorcare products, or help from a local floor care professional? Click here to find a professional hardwood flooring cleaning company in your area.

Meet Mat

Floor mats are a wonderful thing when it comes to hardwood floors. Tiny particles, like dirt, can act like sandpaper and scratch your wood. By placing a floor mat at each entryway and encouraging family members and guests to wipe their feet, the majority of dirt and grime will remain on the mat. Also put a floor mat or rug in any area where water could be splashed — like near the kitchen sink. This will hinder any possible water damage.

Note that rubber-backed or non-ventilated floor mats or rugs can damage your floor. Instead use floor mats or rugs made especially for hardwood floors and be sure to shake them out regularly.

Whistle While You Work

Along with a hardwood floor comes the responsibility of keeping it clean. The better care you take, the longer your floor will maintain its original beauty. Step one is to purchase a high quality broom so that you can sweep your floor regularly of dirt, dust and other particles.

Second step is a vacuum cleaner without a beater bar, to get in between the boards and other hard to reach areas.
Bona cleaner  should  be used to remove tough stains and spills without dulling the finish of your wood floor.

Do and Don’ts

- Don’t wax a wood floor with a urethane finish
- Do use cleaners that won’t leave a film or residue
- Don’t use ammonia cleaners or oil soaps on a wood floor — they’ll dull the finish and affect your ability to recoat later.
- Do use a Bona hardwood floor cleaner to remove occasional scuffs and heel marks (just spray some cleaner on a cloth and rub the stained area lightly)
- Don’t wet mop or use excessive water to clean your floor (wood naturally expands when it’s wet and can cause your floor to crack or splinter). For information on steam cleaning hardwood floors, see our blog post on Floor Talk.
- Do clean sticky spots with Bona cleaner
- Do minimize water exposure and clean spills immediately
- If and when your hardwood floor begins to look like it belongs beneath the feet of gold miners in an old western saloon, it’s time to consider screening and recoating.
- Screening is the process used to abrade or grind down your floor’s polyurethane finish. Next, fresh coats of urethane is applied.

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