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Characterized by fine graining and even-coloured tones, ORIGINAL woods project a sleek, stylish and modern appeal for stunning visual effect. The clean lines of these woods are perfect in lending a contemporary finish to any decor.

CLASSIC woods are elegant and timeless, possessing a rich beauty that endures for the ages. These versatile woods can be used for both traditional and modern settings. They are exemplified by minimal colour variation and few knots.

VILLA woods convey an aura of warmth with subtle hues and vividly intricate grain patterns highlighting the knotty characteristics of the wood.

COUNTRY woods create an effect reminiscent of cozy cottages and hunting lodges, roaring fireplaces an all-round comfort. The wonderfully rustic charm is enhanced by broad variations in grain, colour and distinctive knots.

Hevea Brasiliensis
Stable source.
The Hevea wood is grown mainly as a natural source of Indian rubber. However, after thirty to fifty years, the trees already cease to product latex at economically utilizable level. Therefore, such plantations are felled and prepared for planting with new plants. The wood of these trees, known as rubber trees (Hevea brasiliensis, rubber wood, ecowood) is used for a number of products including wooden floors. Since the plantations are renewed systematically every 25-30 years, the wood from heir felled trees represents a permanent source.

Environmentally friendly material.
Hevea is a long-standing tree with positive influence on the environment in general. Growing intercrops under the rubber trees contributes to stabilization source of carbon accumulation for they represent approximately a quarter of all tree plantations in tropics. Economically affordable quantity of rubber tree logs that can be harvested within a short time is the equivalent quantity of the natural tropical wood that can be gained annually from the area of approximately 0.6 million ha. Utilization of the Hevea wood therefore decreases the burden laid upon the tropical forests and contributes thus to their preservation.

Worldwide accessibility.
The area of the world's rubber tree plantations is estimated to be 9 million hectares, 90% of which are situated in Asia, 6% in Africa and 3% in Latin America. The main Indian rubber producers are Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia, which own together 74% of the worldwide area of the rubber tree plantations. The existing plantations are able to produce, within a short period of time, about 39 million cubic meters of wood per year; of this quantity, approximately 10.7 million cubic meters could be in the form of logs. The present industry processes about 4.5 million cubic meters per year.

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